AirPro Cordless Air Compressor Review

AirPro Cordless Air Compressor
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The product description fails to disclose that the battery is LEAD/ACID. In spite of packaging information that states that it's a no-leak battery, I had acid on my counter after the first charge.

To make matters even worse, the fitting attached to the hose that's to be used for valve stems DOES NOT FIT. No matter which position I put the lock lever in, I had to force it over the threads on the stem. This shaves material off the seal in the fitting, leaving debris in the stem. Further, it was impossible to force in on far enough to actually depress the core and pump air into the tire.

I'm a nationally certified automotive master mechanic. It's not that I don't know how to operate these things. . .


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Product Description:
The AirPro rechargeable compressor works to keep you riding on air with minimal effort on your part! The AirPro cordless air compressor offers a powerful 120 psi. With a 15-inch air hose, the AirPro rechargeable air compressor can be used for a wide variety of purposes. From car and bike tires to sports balls and a host of other inflatables like rafts and tubes. Order yours today! No need for a flashlight or emergency light, even in poorly lit areas. Two integrated LED work lights shine brightly wherever you point the inflator. An analog gauge accurately reports pressure readings for objects big and small, removing guesswork and helping maximize the life and performance of your inflatables. A cordless rechargeable battery pack with wall charger and a 12-v DC power pack are also included. Features a Schraeder inflator head for use with auto and many bike tires, and two adapters for filling various sports balls, air mattresses, and pool floats. The AirPro Cordless air compressor makes a great gift for any traveler, outdoorsman or athlete on your list, including yourself! Order yours from Brookstone today!

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